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Current Account

Current account is a type of deposit account and also a non-interest-bearing account which the customers can use Cheques to make their payments and receivables. It is very suitable for regular business or financial transactions as a cheque book is provided to customers for their convenience.

  • Interest :                                   Non-interest-bearing
  • Provided :                                Cheque Book
  • Opening Balance :                   1000 Kyats
  • Minimum Balance :                  1000 Kyats

Saving Account

Saving account is an interest-bearing account for individuals, associations and companies who want to save and get interest. Deposits can be made between 1st to 5th day of a month and interest is calculated monthly at the end of a month on the lowest account balance. A competitive 8.5% per annum interest rate is credited quarterly into account holder’s account.

Customers can get MPU Debit Cards when opening account and use ATM Services.

  • Interest :                                   Interest-bearing
  • Provided :                                Saving Passbook, MPU Debit Card
  • Opening Balance :                  1000 Kyats
  • Minimum Balance :                 1000 Kyats

Call Deposit Account

Interest is calculated daily on day-end balance of the account and credited into the account at the end of every month. The interest rate is based on 4%.

Special Deposit Account

Special Deposit Accounts will earn interest rate at 8.5% per annum on day-end balance of minimum 10 million kyats and will credited into the account at every end of the month. Interest will not be available on the day if the account balance falls below 10 million kyats.

Fix Deposit

Fixed Deposit account is ideal for individual or joint together with two people and above. It is very suitable for people who has excess cash for period of time and withdrawal is only allowed at the end of the particular period. But Shwe Bank’s Fixed Deposits are popular among customers as the interest rates are competitive and can withdraw before designated period of time with nearest month’s interest rate. Fixed Periods and Interest rates

  • 1 month –                 9% pa
  • 3 months –               9.25% pa
  • 6 months –               9.5% pa
  • 9 months –               9.75% pa
  • 12 months –             10% pa

Internal Remittance

Customers can transfer funds from Shwe Bank’s branches to every part of the country where there are branches of linked-in local banks and vice versa. Beneficiaries are immediately informed of the arrival of transferred funds. Customers don’t have to pay extra remittance fees and charges using this services. The banks that Shwe Bank has linked-in services with are – CB Bank, Myanmar Apex Bank, Global Treasure Bank, United Amara Bank, Myawaddy Bank, Asia Green Development Bank, Myanmar Oriental Bank and Ayeyarwaddy Bank.

Payment Order & Gift Cheque

Payment orders can be used for payment settlements to individual, company, associates and government organizations. It can be purchased at Shwe Bank branches. Customers can make a choice of purchasing Shwe Bank’s Gift Cheque of varying amounts from minimum 10,000 Kyats to maximum 10,000,000.

Payroll Serivce

Shwe Bank offers fast, save and reliable payroll service to all businesses which make them easier on employees’ salary payments.